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Choose from the options below. If your motorcycle is not listed, please give us a call to discuss your options. Choose your options that you currently have on your motorcycle so we can choose the best fit for your audio experience. Just click the image if you currently have these options. Do you currently have rear speaker lids with speaker locations? Either way, we can either add them to your order or you can pick out the perfect set to fit your bike.

Do you currently have lower fairing speaker locations? If so, we will select the perfect speaker for you in the upcoming pages. Did you add the King Tour Pack with speaker pods to your motorcycle? If so, we have the perfect solution for you.

If so, additional parts are necessary for speakers installation. If you already have the parts or this section does not apply to you, click this option to skip this section. All amplifier packages come with the Soundz premium pre-wired harness for ease of installation. It is Marine grade, sealed chassis, and has shielding in it to prevent FM frequency interference.

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Simply the best amplifier for your motorcycle! Includes a plug and play harness for your motorcycle. Best Option.

Soundz SS2. Includes the Plug and play wiring. The TX4ad is a Watt 4-channel amplifier with high efficiency Class-ad technology and a conformal coated pc board designed for motorsport and marine applications. The TX2ad is a Watt 2-channel amplifier with high efficiency Class-ad technology and a conformal coated pc board designed for motorsport and marine applications.

Only recommended if you have an existing amplifier or replacing only 2pr of speakers. Choose your existing speaker size in your speaker lid. Stock lids come with 5x7" speakers. Select from the following premium motorcycle speakers from our elite Soundz brand. If you already have speakers or you're looking to replace other locations, you can skip this section. Whether you're an audio novice or pure audiophile, the HD-DSP gives you better control over your motorcycle audio system beyond bass and treble.

Click the radio below to add it to your system or click "No Thanks" to not purchase this amazing radio.

First Mods for your 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

The vibrant easy to use screen is a perfect solution for your HD upgrade. No CD Player. Send me my password. Make a payment. Payment could not be made. Pay now. Choose Your Street Glide Choose from the options below.

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Pick your existing options Choose your options that you currently have on your motorcycle so we can choose the best fit for your audio experience.

Choose Your Motorcycle Choose from the options below. Which lower fairings do you have? Choose Your Road Glide Choose from the options below.Almost every new Harley-Davidson owner looks to customize his or her new ride to some extent. There are so many options out there for changing up your bagger making almost anything you can think of a possibility.

We put together a list of some nice additions for all of you who own one of the new Harley-Davidson Ultra Limiteds. This kit was developed for the budget-minded rider who wants to experience that adrenaline-pumping burst of speed while heading toward the redline.

The additional power starts to build at 3, rpm and continues up to 24 percent at redline. Riding the bike aggressively will require downshifting to lower gears to keep the engine operating in the higher rpm range.

Can also use with stock Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine air cleaner cover adapter required. This highly advanced, stand-alone tuning system utilizes proprietary AutoTune technology specifically designed to interface with wideband oxygen sensors to automatically adjust a wide range of throttle positions and rpm ranges to deliver unmatched performance and drivability like no other product in the industry.

ThunderMax is made in the USA and comes percent assembled, ready to install with no wire cutting or splicing required. Simply replace the factory ECM and oxygen sensors, load a map, and enjoy your new ride! View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us facebook instagram twitter pinterest youTube rss. Nostalgic styling 4-in.

More Stories.Purchase your modification below! Also check out the bezels! All four gauges changed to your choice of color or colors. All six gauges changed to your choice of color or colors. Do your gauges have: streaks,cloudy spots, or areas that look like water stains?

We modify your boring stock Harley Davidson gauges, and newer. Unlike some of the other companies we are a full service shop Everything is done in house! Purple, Pink and Orange for that custom look. The needles and the mileage display do NOT have to be the same as the rest of the gauge.

We are the only shop that does to gauges, and are currently doing the Softails, Dynas, and Sportys! Examples:, Blue numbers with white needle, red odometer.

Green numbers, white needle, white odometer. We can mix and match colors to match your bike for a complete custom look for your bike. We charge only You get one free for a spare! After you decide your color or colors, you pull your Tach and Speedo or your speedo, and ship them to us see our contact page or work order for address.

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The four smaller gauges you hang onto for Touring modelswe will supply you with five matching L. We will have your gauges back to you ASAP, usually in about days after we receive them due to shipping time. Be sure to package your gauges well, use bubble wrap, newspaper or any other packing material.

We will not be responsible for damages due to shipping. The work we perform will not affect how your gauges work in any other way, other than the LED color changes. If you have aftermarket chrome trim rings glued or silicone remove them before shipping them to us.Remember Me? Blogs Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So Please share them with us and post pics of things you have done at home to make you SG look better.

Thank You in Advance. I can't say I've done many mods where I've saved money. Wait, actually I purchased a set of used Streamliner pegs off ebay along with an open box set of Kuryakyn floorboard mounted highway pegs.

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As it turned out, the floorboard kit came from Kuryakyn directly. Instead of bidding or using a buy it now option, I called the seller directly to negotiate the price. Along with free shipping, the seller matched the lowest price I found on ebay and on the web. I typically negotiate labor cost with the dealer up front if I'm doing a big job. I have found that they will work with you especially if you are doing work that requires parts to be removed and reinstalled.

2018 Touring Street Glide Special FLHXS Parts & Accessories

For example, I put new handlebars on and did all the chrome housings, levers and grips at the same time. The cost of labor for the bars covered the cost for all the other items. Same thing for doing the chrome fork sliders, I had the lowering springs installed at the same time. For me it was easy, fun and was just common sense. OK- Here's another one for all my SG buds.

2018 street glide mods

We've all been stuck at a traffic light that cannot sense the presence of our shining armor right? I came across this trick many years ago and I promise you it does work. We've all seen those "mousey" little motorcycle magnets they sell that are suppose to trip the traffic light.

This puppy photo will trigger the light if you straddle the strip embedded in the pavement. It should work: Trigger-Green-Traffic-Lights.

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I changed My rear shock oil from stock 5W to 7W. I also changed my front fork oil from stock 10w to 15W. I do all my own fluid changes and upgrades.

I did the Antenna hide trick. Bike looks clean, and radio works great!It has the recurve up at the top and keeps more of the stock look.

2018 street glide mods

It spreads the wind out to the sides farther getting the wind off of your arms and shoulders better, it is quieter, and helps get the wind around the passenger better also. The size is measured by laying a tape measure on the front center of the windshield from the top of the fairing to the top edge of the windshield. The exposed windshield. Click here to see the different tints. The ideal height is where the top edge of the windshield is level with the tip of your nose.

With this height, the wind will clear the top of your head for a comfortable and quiet ride. This gives the most comfort and protection for both the rider and the passenger, but when it rains and the windshield gets wet and dirty it gets harder to see through the windshield.

Your windshield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the windshield. Make sure to leave the plastic on the windshield, mount the windshield and take a short test ride, as long as you have good visibility. If you are not completely satisfied with the height or performance of the windshield, you may return the windshield for a different size or for full credit less any shipping charges as long as the windshield is like new and the protective plastic film has not been removed.

Take your time. No worries if you order in the winter months and it takes until Spring to try it out. Review By: Mario — TX. Went on a mile trip today and the shield was fantastic. I looked over the shield without the wind tearing my shades off or bugs attacking me. The freedom of looking over is a lot better than looking thru.

Again, the quality of the Freedom Shield is excellent. Simply, it looks good! I had a hard time deciding which shield to purchase — I picked the right one. Thanks again. Just received the Freedom Shield and put it on the bike. I went for a short ride around town, I was able to get it up to about 60 mph a couple of times. I could have gone higher than 7in.Get Full Details.

Harley-Davidson® FLHXS - Street Glide® Special 2018

Orders of any amount can be returned for free by mail or in store, for any reason, within 45 days of the shipping date. Select your bike from the dropdown. We'll show you ways to fuel your custom journey. All rights reserved. We do not currently ship to Hawaii, P. Gift cards and taxes do not qualify toward the minimum purchase requirement.

Please Hold Your Iron Horses. Shop for your Bike. Choose a saved bike. YEAR YEAR. You're shopping for. Make Sure it Fits! Select your motorcycle year and model to make sure this product fits. Page 1 of New Arrivals. New Rider Must Haves. Gear Up For Riding. Rider Favorites. Softail Standard Packages. Axle Nut Covers. Cam Covers. Horn Covers. License Plates. Primary Covers. Rocker Covers. Transmission Covers.

Air Cleaner Covers. Derby Covers.Welcome New Members please Names of Members and Loved ones who have passed away. May they rest in peace! Insurance Costs Michigan.

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The NEW s. My Street Glide Special. Most comfortable seat for the Breather Assembly. Thunder Max iRide. New bags. What's right with Ontario Personalized Licence Discussion of things not related to your bike. But be for-warned political statements may be deleted if crude, obnoxious or racist!

Going from Iron to Post your used Streetglide equipment for sale here. No Dealers Please. Gloss Black Rear Saddlebag This area is for our sponsors to post their specials and interact with our members. Iron Aces 11th Anniversary Welcome Motherwell products as a sponsor to the Forum! The will be offering specials for members. New Sissybar in Production! Welcome Fuel Moto as a sponsor!.

Jamie and his guys have the best tuning and best prices in the country--hands down.

2018 street glide mods

Call him for special Streetglide pricing! Jackpot head pipe overview Black friday windshield sale. Procedure for replacing shock Need input. Best bang for the buck for a Rear Shock Dilemma. I don't like cowbell horn Tour Pak.

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